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Donor Stories

Eldor and Delores Kaiser

Couple Pledges Their Support Throughout Life and Beyond

Delores and Eldor Kaiser have been supporters of We Raise Foundation for so long that Eldor says it’s part of their DNA. Through a charitable remainder trust, they’re ensuring their support continues even after their lifetimes. More

Gail Lutze

Donor Comes Full Circle in Support of We Raise

Gail Lutze may have lived all over the United States and Canada and traveled all over the world, but Wheat Ridge Ministries—now We Raise Foundation—has been a constant presence in her life. Her relationship with We Raise began when she was a teenager attending Trinity Lutheran Church in Panama City, Florida. More

Bill Kinley

'Gentle Giant' Leaves Legacy of Love and Compassion

Bill Kinley was a gentle giant with a very big heart. He gave 110 percent of his time and energy to any project he undertook. More importantly, he imparted his kindness, compassion, wisdom, and friendship to the many individuals and organizations he encountered throughout his lifetime. More

Carson Williams

New Board Member, New Dad Makes Time to Serve

One of Wheat Ridge Ministries’ newest board members is also a new father. Since son Charlie’s birth in May, Carson Williams and his wife, Jessie, are enjoying—and adjusting to—life as first-time parents. More

Ken Treshow

Overcoming Challenges, Opening Door to Health and Hope for Others

Although Ken Treshow walked with difficulty and struggled to speak, he traveled the world and never hesitated to express his opinion. More